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1. UN纪念公园 - BIFF广场 - 龙头山公园 - 国际市场 - 扎嘎其市场
2. 电影的殿堂 – 新世界CentumCity - BEXCO - APEC世峰楼 - 海东龙宫寺
3. 釜山博物馆 - UN纪念公园 – 梵鱼寺 – 东莱温泉
4. 釜山市立美术馆 – 海东龙公寺 – 海底世界 – 游轮(Tiffan21)
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busanaquarium coveacruise 釜山市立美术馆 : There are 11 exhibition halls, library, and break area on the premises of museum, and the Busan Biennale has been held biennially. This Museum is available for various exhibitions, art collections, and international art exhibitions. tel +82-51-744-2602. Open: 10:00 ~ 22:00. 海东龙公寺 :It is highly favored by people who want to greet the first sunrise on New Year's Day and make a wish for the year. tel +82-51-744-7744. Open: 04:00 ~ 20:00. 海底世界 : You can see 35,000 fish of some 400 different species at the Busan Aquarium, which brings all the beauty and mystery of the ocean right to the heart of Haeundae. tel +82-51-740-1700. Open: 10:00~19:00(weekdays), 09:00~21:00(weekend). 游轮(Tiffan21): A party convention cruise ship representing Busan offering varied events and functions. tel +82-51-743-2500.